The Best Electric Kettles

Electric kettles offer a quick and easy way to get in your morning brew of coffee or tea without using a stove or having to drink from a scalding cup or mug after heating your water in the microwave. While other most popular brewing option—the stovetop kettle—may add a little bit of retro flair to… Read More

For many chefs and home cooks alike, stainless steel cookware is the best kind of cookware to have. There are several different reasons for that. It’s extremely durable, for one, which means you can use it over and over again for years and not have to replace it. But there are many other advantages as… Read More

The Best Chest Freezers

If you’re tired of making weekly trips to the market or just want to stock up on more of your favorite frozen edibles than you can fit in the drawers and shelves of your regular freezer, it might be time to invest in a good chest freezer. These freezers are not only high-capacity and capable… Read More

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an expert cook or a total newbie in the kitchen. Chefs of all levels can benefit from owning a high-quality cookware set. Sure, you could build your own. But that would mean spending hours researching an infinite array of pot/pan combinations. Considering that there are more than 20 pages of… Read More

The Best Cast Iron Skillets

Think of a cast-iron skillet and you may imagine wild-west cowboys around the fire cooking beans. But this old-time favorite utensil has experienced a surge of popularity among today’s home cooks. Many say it’s the best tool you can use for making flavorful dishes no matter where you are. Indeed, a cast-iron skillet is probably… Read More

The Best Meat Thermometers

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) estimates that there are about 48 million cases of foodborne illness annually, sickening one in six Americans each year, hospitalizing 128,000, and causing 3,000 deaths. Eating undercooked meat increases your risk of getting a food-borne illness, such as E. coli, salmonella, or listeria. These little microbes can survive in… Read More

The Best Coffee Grinders

In America, we love our coffee. Millions of us can’t get the day started until we’ve had our morning cup, with consumption in the 2018/2019 fiscal year topping 26 million 60-kilogram bags, up from 25.84 million in the previous fiscal year. The National Coffee Association (NCA) says that today, more Americans are drinking gourmet coffee… Read More

The Best Travel Mugs

It’s a wonderful visual: Drinking your morning coffee or tea on your porch, watching the sunrise. Or, if you prefer, drinking your afternoon tea while watching the snow fall peacefully in the full moon. But that’s not life, always, is it? If you’re very lucky, you get to enjoy those things from time to time,… Read More

The Best Steak Knives

Steak knives are a dining table staple. They’re an essential component of your cutlery collection, and no home should be without a complete set. The best steak knives are full tang forged with high-grade steel for ultimate sharpness and durability. Though the debate wages on between serrated and straight-edge blade supremacy, we believe both types… Read More

The Best Pour Over Coffee Makers

There is nothing more welcoming in the morning than a delicious cup of hot coffee. It hits the spot and warms us from the inside out. It is one of America’s most beloved hot beverages. Whether you take it black, with cream or milk, when the coffee kicks in, you are ready to tackle the… Read More

The Best Electric Can Openers

Electric can openers save your hand and wrist from doing all the work when you need to open a can of soup, sauce, vegetables, or other ingredients for meals. Electric can openers come in battery-powered and corded versions, both of which use their power to turn the can and work the blade quickly around the… Read More

The Best Electric Pressure Cookers

Electric pressure cookers are pretty alluring. They are incredible little appliances, that’s why. Depending on what you are making, you can easily just throw in all of the ingredients, set it to the correct temperature, and you will have a delicious meal to enjoy in a short amount of time. The other attractive aspect of… Read More

If you’re looking for a light snack to enjoy at any time of day, you can’t go wrong with popcorn. It’s great for movie nights, of course, but also also as a mid-morning snack to tide you over until lunch, a snack to share with the whole family, and something to make nights in a… Read More

Warm, comforting potato soup is the perfect light meal, but sometimes you don’t have the time or energy to make it from scratch yourself. Instead, you can buy potato soup either completely pre-made, ready to heat and eat, or as a soup mix that you simply add water and/or other ingredients to. You can find… Read More

I have fond memories of my first attempts at baking a cake. I had two younger brothers who would gather around, eagerly eyeing the mixing bowl. They wanted the creamy leftovers when I was done, of course, and since we raised our own eggs and I’d heard nothing about potential food-borne illnesses then, I always… Read More

While some people love the bitter taste of dark chocolate, others eat it purely for health benefits. According to some studies, dark chocolate, which is generally made of cocoa solids, cocoa butter, and sugar (and no milk) can improve cognitive functioning and reduce the risk of heart disease. A little bit of dark chocolate might… Read More

Cold brew coffee is all the rage right now, and it’s easy to see why. A perfect summertime drink, cold-brewed coffee has lower acidity and bitterness than hot brewed coffee. Cold brew’s smoother and lighter taste comes from its 12 hours (or longer) brew time that slowly draws out coffee from the beans at room… Read More

Few non-perishable foods are quite so capable of warming the heart and delighting the tastebuds as a good bowl of chicken noodle soup. Canned chicken noodle soups, however, can be a hit or a miss—while some are just about as cozy, comforting, filling, and tasty as canned foodtuffs come, just as many others are bland,… Read More

Marinara sauce is a classic staple in almost every household across the United States. Sure, you can make it yourself fairly easily, but sometimes you just want to boil up some pasta, stir it into a ready-made sauce, and have a family favorite ready to serve. The trouble is finding good marinara sauce. Some just… Read More

Peanut butter is eaten in over 90% of American households. Every year, we consume about 700 million pounds of it. If most of us were forced to choose just three food items that we would never let our pantry or kitchen cupboards be without, one of those foods would likely be peanut butter. But which… Read More

Creating a homemade pasta sauce from scratch is great and all, but who has the time? Lucky for us there are a number of delicious and nutritious pre-made pasta sauces out there that taste as good as mom’s family recipe. Convenience is king, but flavor matters too. We found several pasta sauces from family-owned companies… Read More

When you don’t have time to head to the store or make soup from scratch, there’s no need to sweat—these days, you can find all types of soup online, from delicate, savory, soul-warming broths and miso soups to hearty clam chowders, gumbo, and seafood bisque. There are so many worthy, just-like-homemade options out there, in… Read More

White chocolate is a tasty confection made from cocoa butter, milk solids, sugar, and vanilla. While white chocolate isn’t technically a chocolate since it doesn’t contain cocoa solids (which provide the brown color and chocolatey flavor), it’s still a delicious option for a dessert or treat. From truffles to candy bars to baking chocolates, we’ve… Read More

Penne pasta got its name from its unique shape. The word penne comes from the Italian penne, which means feather, derived from the Latin penna, which means feather or quill. Indeed, the pasta was believed to resemble the shape of the steel nibs of old-fashioned fountain pens. Pasta maker Giovanni Battista Capurro from Genoa was… Read More

Tomato sauce is a versatile ingredient that can be used as a base in a variety of recipes. From zesty Italian pasta sauce to spiced Moroccan tomato dishes, the possibilities to create a flavorful and healthy meal for your family are endless. With so many options on the market it may be difficult to find… Read More

If you happen to be anything like the team members here at Creative Family Moments, a good cup of coffee in the morning is likely item number one on your daily list of non-negotiables. While we might be willing to lower our standards a little when it comes to breakfast fare, office snacks, lunchtime sandwiches,… Read More

When it comes to snacking, pretzels remain a popular choice. These little goodies are made from dough shaped into a knot or a stick, then baked until crisp and seasoned with salt or other flavors like cheese, chocolate, honey, or cinnamon. Where did pretzels come from in the first place? Historians aren’t sure, as there… Read More

A favorite of kids and adults alike, there’s just something special about a glass of creamy, cool, rich chocolate milk. There are a ton of tasty chocolate milk options out there, even for those who are dairy free or vegan. We’ve found some of the tastiest shelf stable chocolate milk options for you to stock… Read More

Whether you’re looking for a healthy after-school snack for the kids, something to help you avoid those post-dinner potato-chip binges, or a crunchy complement to the soft and savory offerings on your cheese platters and appetizer tables, there are few better options out there than the humble cracker. But, despite their simplicity, the difference between… Read More

There’s nothing like enjoying a piece of smooth, rich chocolate. And while chocolate comes in a variety of styles, the simple chocolate bar is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to indulge in this decedent dessert. Whether you’re a dark chocolate fan or solidly in the milk chocolate zone, we’ve found some of… Read More

Oyster crackers add the perfect amount of crunch to soups, chowders, and chilis. The toasted, crispy texture is the perfect complement to a warm bowl of food, and oyster crackers are often served alongside these dishes at restaurants and at home. We reviewed dozens of oyster crackers to identify the best of the best. We… Read More

While some people prefer chocolate bars, others love the mix of flavors and the convenient size that you get with chocolate candy. And candy makers have risen to the occasion pairing chocolate with all kinds of delicious flavors in these bite size pieces. From mint to caramel to peanut butter, we’ve found some of the… Read More

The Best Citrus Juicers

If you’re interested in making your morning juice the freshest, and highest quality you can manage, then you will definitely want to consider picking up a citrus juicer. There are quite a few types of a citrus juicer and the range of quality, just as with nearly any popular product, is vast. If you’re not… Read More

The Best Food Processors

For most anyone who spends regular time in the kitchen, a food processor is a staple item. Sometimes more complicated recipes will require them, but more often, a food processor will make a typical recipe incredibly easy. You’ll be able to spend your time doing the parts you love, and less time stressing uniform chops… Read More

The Best Vacuum Sealers

Enjoy fresh food longer when you use a vacuum sealer. Unlike other storage options, such as a plastic bowl and lid, zipper baggie, or aluminum foil, a vacuum-sealed bag or container will keep food fresher longer due to the lack of oxygen. Foods retain quality and nutrients, and you have less food waste. We looked… Read More

The Best Meal Kit Delivery Services

For those who don’t enjoy meal prep and planning, meal kit delivery services can be a lifesaver. The ability to have fresh ingredients and meals delivered directly to your door with no grocery store runs or complicated menu planning saves hours for busy families. And with the growing trend of meal kit delivery, you can… Read More

The Best Roasting Pans

If you enjoy making large roasts like a hefty pork roast, whole chicken, duck, or turkey on a regular basis, a roasting pan can be a smart addition to your kitchen. Featuring tall walls and commonly made from sturdy materials like stainless steel, a roasting pan is an oven-safe pan that can withstand high temperatures… Read More