Tomato sauce is a versatile ingredient that can be used as a base in a variety of recipes. From zesty Italian pasta sauce to spiced Moroccan tomato dishes, the possibilities to create a flavorful and healthy meal for your family are endless. With so many options on the market it may be difficult to find a style of tomato sauce that you love, so we’ve broken down different categories of sauces and found the top choice for each.

We researched dozens of tomato sauces to identify the best of the best. We looked at ingredients, flavor, and Amazon ratings and reviews to determine our top picks. All of these tomato sauces can be purchased on Amazon.

Best Tomato Sauce Overall
Contadina Canned Roma Style Tomato Sauce
The simple and fresh flavor of this 12 pack of tomato sauce makes it a great base for a variety of recipes.

The delicate flavor from fresh roma tomatoes and a bit of seasonings makes Contadina Canned Roma Style Tomato Sauce our top pick for the best tomato sauce. And with a pack of 12 cans, you’ll have plenty of tomato sauce for all of your favorite recipes.

The 5 Top-Rated Tomato Sauces

Editor's PicksBrandRating
Best Tomato Sauce OverallContadina Canned Roma Style Tomato Sauce 4.5
Best Organic Tomato SauceMuir Glen Organic Tomato Sauce4.3
Best Flavored Tomato SauceMina Shakshuka Tomato Sauce4.4
Best Tomato Sauce for PizzaDon Pepino Pizza Sauce4.5
Best Tomato Sauce for PastaYo Mama's Original Marinara Tomato Sauce4.2

*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change.

Best Tomato Sauce Overall: Contadina Canned Roma Style Tomato Sauce

Best Tomato Sauce Overall
Contadina Canned Roma Style Tomato Sauce
The simple and fresh flavor of this 12 pack of tomato sauce makes it a great base for a variety of recipes.

Contadina Canned Roma Style Tomato Sauce is made from fresh roma tomatoes and delivers a smooth consistency and mild flavor. This versatile sauce can be used in a variety of recipes, from pizza sauce, pasta sauce, chili, stews, and more. Very lightly seasoned with sea salt, onion powder, garlic powder, and spices, it blends easily with other ingredients to make a sauce that fits your taste preferences. There is no added sugar and the sauce is a great starting point for your recipes.

Contadina was established in 1918 and produces canned tomato products that match the high standards of Italy. These tomatoes are non-GMO and packed in non-BPA cans to preserve the vine ripe flavor of their fresh tomatoes. These cans are each 15 oz and come in a pack of 12. Reviewers like how thick and smooth this tomato sauce is and enjoy using it as a base for their recipes. Several reviewers say they enjoy the taste on its own so much they don’t even need to add any spices for flavor.

Contadina Canned Roma Style Tomato Sauce Key Features:

  • Made from roma tomatoes
  • Smooth consistency of sauce
  • Mild and versatile flavor
  • Pack of 12 15-oz cans

Best Organic Tomato Sauce: Muir Glen Organic Tomato Sauce

Best Organic Tomato Sauce
Muir Glen Organic Tomato Sauce
This delicious organic tomato sauce comes in a pack of 12 cans and is USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. 

If you’re looking for a great organic tomato sauce, pick up a can of Muir Glen Organic Tomato Sauce. The tomatoes are grown in California on organic farms and are USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. Made from whole tomatoes that are peeled and slightly seasoned with a bit of salt, they go from being picked in the fields to canned in 8 hours. The cans are 15 oz each and come in a pack of 12.

Muir Glen uses the freshest tomatoes for their sauce and is committed to using organic farming methods without the use of synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers. They won a 2012 John Muir Conservation Award and work with The Xerces Society and UC Davis on Project Bombus to help create bee and pollinator habitats along their tomato fields.

Reviewers love the taste of this sauce and use it as a base for their pizza and pasta sauces. They say you can taste the freshness of the tomatoes and the flavor is robust and delicious.

Muir Glen Organic Tomato Sauce Key Features:

  • USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified
  • 0% cholesterol and 0 trans or saturated fats.
  • Pack of 12 15-oz cans

Best Flavored Tomato Sauce: Mina Shakshuka Tomato Sauce

Best Flavored Tomato Sauce
Mina Shakshuka Tomato Sauce
This spiced Moroccan sauce offers a tasty blend of tomatoes, peppers, garlic, onions, parsley, and cilantro for a sauce that’s bursting with flavor.

Those looking for a spiced tomato sauce will enjoy Mina Shakshuka Tomato Sauce. This Moroccan spiced tomato sauce offers a rich flavor and is made using all natural ingredients including tomatoes, roasted peppers, garlic, onions, olive oil, parsley, cilantro, and a blend of Moroccan herbs and spices. It’s a savory and delicious sauce that can be used as a base for vegetables, proteins, pizza, and in the traditional Shakshuka egg dish. There’s even a Shakshuka recipe on the jar.

This sauce comes in a 16 oz jar, but is also available in 26 and 147 oz containers. It’s vegan and non-GMO certified. Reviewers absolutely love the taste of this sauce and the fact that it’s ready to use right out of the jar. They recommend heating up the sauce in a pan, cracking a few eggs over the top and simmering for a few minutes for an easy breakfast or dinner. They say the chunks of tomato and blend of spices are delicate and flavorful and that they buy this brand over and over.

Mina Shakshuka Tomato Sauce Key Features:

  • Flavored with Moroccan spices
  • No sugar added
  • 16 oz jar

Best Tomato Sauce for Pizza: Don Pepino Pizza Sauce

Best Tomato Sauce for Pizza
Don Pepino Pizza Sauce
This 12 can pack of fully seasoned pizza sauce makes homemade pizza night both easy and delicious with a blend of tomatoes, salt, garlic, and spices.

Want to make homemade pizza but don’t feel like making the sauce from scratch? Don Pepino Pizza Sauce takes all the work out of sauce making with their fully prepared pizza sauce. This blend of tomatoes, oil, salt, garlic, and spices doesn’t need anything added to it and can be used directly on pizza dough as a base for your perfect pizza dish. The rich texture from vine ripened Jersey tomatoes adds a delicious flavor to any pizza, and the sauce is free from preservatives, starches, gums, sugar and artificial color. This 12 can pack will make sure you always have sauce available for your pizza nights.

Reviewers love using this as a pizza sauce and say it’s almost as good as their homemade sauce. They enjoy the fresh tomato taste and say the blend of spices is just right and not overbearing. They like how easy this sauce is to use and that they can pour the sauce directly from the can onto their pizza dough.

Don Pepino Pizza Sauce Key Features:

  • Prepared pizza sauce ready to be used
  • Cholesterol free
  • Set of 12 14.5-oz cans

Best Tomato Sauce for Pasta: Yo Mama’s Original Marinara Tomato Sauce

Best Tomato Sauce for Pasta
Yo Mama's Original Marinara Tomato Sauce
Making dinner is a breeze with this flavorful and delicious marinara tomato sauce that’s perfect for pasta dishes, chicken, vegetables, and casseroles.

While you can used canned tomatoes to make your own homemade pasta sauce, sometimes it’s just easier to use a premade version. Yo Mama’s Original Marinara Tomato Sauce will help you have a delicious pasta dinner on the table in minutes. Yo Mama’s marinara sauce is made from an award-winning old world Italian recipe that is full of fresh flavor. This sauce is preservative free, low-sodium, and has no added sugar. They use non-GMO tomatoes, fresh basil and garlic and organic chicken stock to create a zesty and flavor packed marinara sauce to use with pasta, chicken, vegetables, or a variety of other dishes.

This sauce is made in small batches using real ingredients and California grown tomatoes. It’s also Keto certified and great for low calorie diets such as Keto, Paleo, and Whole 30. They also offer a variety of other flavors of sauce such as Basil, Vodka, and Chianti Wine tomato sauces. This marinara sauce comes in a pack of 2 jars that are each 25 oz.

Reviewers rave about the flavor of this marinara sauce and say they use it for pasta, sandwiches, chicken, and vegetable dishes. They love the freshness and taste, and say that it beats out any grocery store pasta sauce that they’ve had before.

Yo Mama’s Original Marinara Tomato Sauce Key Features:

  • Sauce is low-sodium, preservative-free, and paleo-friendly
  • Set of 2 25-oz jars
  • Made with non-GMO tomatoes and organic chicken stock

Tomato sauce is a perfect base for many recipes and can enhance the flavor of your meals. These are some fantastic options to start with to add the delicious tomato flavor to breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  If you need a better way to open all these cans of tomato sauce, you can check out our guide to The Best Electric Can Openers.