Family Laser Tag

Laser tag sets are great fun for the entire family. Parents and children alike can engage in a fun and exciting battle, and interact with each other as they compete for the highest score. There are a wide range of laser tag sets available, but with a little knowledge and a few guidelines, you’ll be able to choose the laser tag set that’s right for you.

We researched the best laser tag sets to find the best of the best, based on factors such as play time, ease of use, durability, and fun factor. We then narrowed down our search to 5 of the top-rated laser tag sets available today. Our top pick is the ArmoGear Laser Tag Set. With voice-activated gameplay, a shooting range of 200 feet, and a night-vision flashlight, it promises hours of fun.

Best Overall
ArmoGear Laser Tag Set
For the best in laser tag sets, look no further than the ArmoGear Laser Tag Set.

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The Top 5 Laser Tag Sets

Here are our top picks of the best laser tag sets. Compare the ratings and features of different models.

Editor's PicksBrandRating
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Best Budget Crib MattressDream On Me Crib Mattress4.0
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*Ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5 and based on reviews, feedback, and opinions of actual customers

Who Should Buy a Laser Tag Set

  • People who want a safe, kid-friendly toy – Laser tag is non-contact combat that’s completely safe for kids.
  • Anyone who’s looking for a fun family activity – Playing with a laser tag set is great fun for all the family, and it encourages physical exercise as well as teamwork.
  • Laser tag enthusiasts – If you’re a fan of the sport, then buying a laser tag set for yourself can be an excellent way to enjoy it more often.

Who Should Not Buy a Laser Tag Set

  • People who need professional-grade equipment – Most laser tag sets are toys rather than professional gear.
  • People who are looking for a single-player game – Laser tag is very much a team sport, so you’ll need to have at least one other person to play with.
  • Anyone with limited space – Laser tag requires a lot of room, so if you have limited space then it may not be the best option.

Research Tips

Here are some tips and best practices to consider when purchasing a laser tag set. Be sure to do adequate research on the product you’re considering purchasing to look for key features and ask friends and family if they have any recommendations on laser tag sets.

  1. Consider the maximum range – The best laser tag sets have a range of at least 95 feet. Check the manufacturer’s product details to find out the maximum range of the set you’re considering purchasing.
  2. Make sure it’s durable – Look for laser tag sets that are made with high-quality, sturdy components. Many manufacturers will state the durability of their sets in the product description. It’s also a good idea to check online reviews from previous customers.
  3. Check for additional features – Some sets will come with accessories such as targets and backpacks, so be sure to take a look at what’s included.
  4. Decide how many people you want to play with – Some laser tag sets can accommodate 4 players or more, while others are only suitable for 2 players. Make sure to choose a set that will suit your chosen number of players.
  5. Research the brand – Since laser tag sets can vary widely in price, it’s always a good idea to check out reviews and other information about the brand as well as the set itself. The more you learn about a company, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to trust them.

How Much Do They Cost?

Between $25 and $200

For most laser tag sets, you can expect to pay between $25-$200 and still get a high-quality product. At the lower end of this price range, you’ll get a basic set that can be used with 2 players. If you want a set that can accommodate more players, then expect to pay a little bit more. Higher-priced sets will also have more features and will usually include accessories such as targets and backpacks.

The Best Laser Tag Sets: Full Reviews

Best Overall
ArmoGear Laser Tag Set
For the best in laser tag sets, look no further than the ArmoGear Laser Tag Set.

The ArmoGear Laser Tag Set is our top pick of the laser tag sets we looked at. With a variety of great features including voice-guided gameplay, a night-vision flashlight, and a 200-foot shooting range, this is a great set that will provide hours of fun for kids and adults alike.

The set comes complete with 4 guns and 4 target vests, making it great value for money. It’s also easy to use, with simple buttons for switching between gameplay modes. You can play with or without vests, and recorded sound effects and prompts guide you through the game.


  • 200-foot shooting range and voice-guided gameplay
  • Play with up to 4 team members
  • Tactile vibrations with every move


  • More expensive than basic sets
  • 24 AA batteries are required
Best Budget Buy
ComTec Laser Tag for Kids
This budget-friendly laser tag set is great value for money.

If you’re looking for a laser tag set on a budget, check out ComTec Laser Tag for Kids. This well-priced set comes with 2 target vests and 2 guns, so you can play as a small team. The set is easy to use and has some great features including vibration and sound effects.

The laser tag set makes a great gift idea for boys and girls, but it’s also good fun for adults. Reviewers say this product is surprisingly good quality for the price. Some also comment that the batteries last longer than expected.


  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Multiple options and gameplay modes
  • Vibration and sound effects


  • Only 2 people can play
  • Some reviewers say the guns are not very accurate
Best Long-range
The Adventure Guys Laser Tag Guns Set
A capable and well-designed laser tag set with a range of 150 feet.

The Adventure Guys Laser Tag Guns Set is a premium laser tag set packaged in a heavy-duty custom-built designer case. Each laser tag gun comes pre-loaded with 4 firing mode selections for realistic gameplay. The set also comes complete with an interactive beetle bug bot that scrambles across the floor trying to escape your aim. This set is great for kids and adults, with up to 4 players able to play at once.

With a range of 150 feet, the set is ideal for outdoor use. The heavy-duty case also makes it a great gift idea for kids, who will love to display the set when it isn’t in use. Reviewers say the laser tag set is of excellent quality and very accurate, with some praising its robust design.


  • High-quality set packaged in a heavy-duty case
  • Great fun for kids and adults
  • Interactive beetle bug bot


  • Does not include target vests
  • More expensive than some other options
Best for Families
USA Toyz Rechargeable Laser Tag Game
This 4 player rechargeable laser tag set is ideal for families.

If you’re looking for a laser tag set that’s great for all the family, check out the USA Toyz Rechargeable Laser Tag Game. With up to 4 players per game (or unlimited players with extra sets), this set allows for engaging team play. It also comes with 4 guns and 4 vests, so it’s great value too.

This set comes complete with rechargeable batteries, so you won’t have to keep buying new ones. Other key features include advanced LED displays, voice prompts, lights, and vibration. Overall, we think this is one of the best laser tag sets on the market today.


  • Expansive system is perfect for families
  • Rechargeable batteries with USB charging stations
  • 5 long-range firing modes


  • Shooting range is less than some other sets
  • Some reviewers say the instructions are unclear
Most Advanced
Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag Set
An advanced laser tag set for serious players.

If you’re a laser tag enthusiast who’s in the market for a new set, check out the Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag Set. With advanced features like automatic syncing, stealth mode, and solo mode, this is a versatile set that’s perfect for groups or individual gamers.

The innovative set includes 4 guns, 4 targets, and a handy charging station. There are also advanced LCD displays on both the guns and the vests, so you can monitor your status in the heat of battle. Reviewers say this is a high-quality set with lots of excellent features.


  • Wide range of advanced features
  • Suitable for group or solo play
  • Charging station included


  • A little complicated for younger children
  • Some reviewers are unhappy with the customer service

Frequently Asked Questions

Is laser tag a good game for kids?

This type of question is difficult to answer because the fun factor in laser tag depends on a number of other factors, including age, experience level, and personal preference. Part of the appeal of this game type is that it combines physical activity with computer gaming technology. If you have an active child who enjoys video games, getting them involved in laser tag is a great way to make physical activity more fun.

What age is laser tag good for?

One of the benefits of laser tag is that it’s great fun for all ages. In general, it’s a good idea to play in a safe environment where the surrounding area is clear of obstructions and dangers. If you want to determine whether or not your child is old enough for laser tag, consider their maturity level and think about how they would handle playing with kids who are older than them.

How many kids do you need for laser tag?

A traditional game of laser tag requires at least two players. The more players you have, the more fun and challenging the game becomes. Some laser tag sets also have special features that allow them to be used for solo gameplay.

Can laser tag hurt your eyes??

No, laser tag guns use infrared technology rather than lasers, which means they won’t damage your eyesight. They are perfectly safe and lots of fun.