The Best Headphones for Kids

Whether listening to tunes on their phones, watching movies on a flight, gaming on their computer, or taking in some videos on YouTube, these days, our kids are more connected than ever before. Buying a pair of headphones is a simple way to give the adults in the family a little peace and quiet and… Read More

The Best Drones for Kids

In the last decade or so, drones have transformed the way countless people worldwide do their downtime. If your kids have spotted any on their travels, the chances are they’ll have decided they want in on the action, too. Luckily drones for kids are every bit as fun as adult versions but cost less, are… Read More

The Best Hoverboards for Kids

Since first hitting the market back in 2013, hoverboards—aka “self-balancing scooters”—have sold in the millions and gained traction with recreational users, hobbyists, and inner-city commuters alike in almost every country around the world. And with good reason… These affordable devices are not only very practical and easy to use, but, simply put, absolutely oodles of… Read More

Few canned foods are quite so versatile, healthy, or downright delicious as baked beans. Whether you’re planning on cooking up a British-style beans-on-toast breakfast, making a bean sandwich, looking for a simple side for a full-blown barbecue or cookout, or just want to stock up on hearty, non-perishable, and easy-to-make foods in case you can’t… Read More

Few non-perishable foods are quite so capable of warming the heart and delighting the tastebuds as a good bowl of chicken noodle soup. Canned chicken noodle soups, however, can be a hit or a miss—while some are just about as cozy, comforting, filling, and tasty as canned foodtuffs come, just as many others are bland,… Read More

Peanut butter is eaten in over 90% of American households. Every year, we consume about 700 million pounds of it. If most of us were forced to choose just three food items that we would never let our pantry or kitchen cupboards be without, one of those foods would likely be peanut butter. But which… Read More

When you don’t have time to head to the store or make soup from scratch, there’s no need to sweat—these days, you can find all types of soup online, from delicate, savory, soul-warming broths and miso soups to hearty clam chowders, gumbo, and seafood bisque. There are so many worthy, just-like-homemade options out there, in… Read More

If you happen to be anything like the team members here at Creative Family Moments, a good cup of coffee in the morning is likely item number one on your daily list of non-negotiables. While we might be willing to lower our standards a little when it comes to breakfast fare, office snacks, lunchtime sandwiches,… Read More

Whether you’re looking for a healthy after-school snack for the kids, something to help you avoid those post-dinner potato-chip binges, or a crunchy complement to the soft and savory offerings on your cheese platters and appetizer tables, there are few better options out there than the humble cracker. But, despite their simplicity, the difference between… Read More

True coffee connoisseurs know that filling their cup with the best tasting coffee requires more than simply selecting the best bean—the way in which you make that coffee, alas, also has a significant impact on the quality of the final product. In recent years, “third wave” coffee lovers have discovered that one of the best… Read More

The Best Bike Locks

Bike thieves never tire of coming up with new and inventive ways to deprive us of our rides. Thankfully, however, bike lock manufacturers are doing their very best to keep up, rolling out increasingly crack-resistant, cut-resistant, and tougher locks that are capable of deterring and thwarting even the most determined would-be robbers of our rides…. Read More

The Best Electric Kettles

Electric kettles offer a quick and easy way to get in your morning brew of coffee or tea without using a stove or having to drink from a scalding cup or mug after heating your water in the microwave. While other most popular brewing option—the stovetop kettle—may add a little bit of retro flair to… Read More

The Best Deep Fryers

Want to make feasts fit for your favorite fried-food restaurant in your own kitchen? Once upon a time, such an ambition was a bit of a pipe dream or, at least, only achievable with a lot of mess hassle that made anyone attempting it question whether or not the final product was worth all the… Read More

The Best Chest Freezers

If you’re tired of making weekly trips to the market or just want to stock up on more of your favorite frozen edibles than you can fit in the drawers and shelves of your regular freezer, it might be time to invest in a good chest freezer. These freezers are not only high-capacity and capable… Read More

The Best Stud Finders

A stud finder is an essential tool for anyone planning on drilling or placing nails and screws into their walls. Having an accurate, reliable one could, in fact, make the difference between a successful day of DIY and absolute disaster, particularly if your latest home-improvement project involves hanging a heavy object on a wall or… Read More

The Best Air Purifiers

Cleaning the air of your home is every bit as important as cleaning the floors, furnishings, and other fixtures. A great air purifier can do that job for you, vastly improving the quality of the air in your home—and, consequently, your health—by killing airborne germs and bacteria and removing particles like dust, smoke, pollen, and… Read More

The Best Tents for Backpacking

Few experiences in life compare to that of loading up a backpack and taking to the trails for an extended trip in the wild. But just what goes into that backpack is perhaps the single greatest factor in determining whether or not that trip will be best filed away under the label ‘adventure’ or ‘misadventure.’… Read More

The Best Electric Lawn Mowers

Just as there’s more than one way to skin the proverbial cat, there are multiple ways in which you can treat your turf to a trim. Perhaps the most efficient, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and hassle-free of these methods is offered by the electric lawn mower. For those of us who take pride in the appearance… Read More

The Best Tents for Camping

A recent North American Camping Report revealed that North Americans are now spending more time camping than ever before. While that’s good news for the health and happiness of all those getting in on the action, it also means there are now more tent manufacturers on the go that ever before, too. So how do… Read More