Wood burning tool kits contain a wood burning tool and a range of tips and accessories. You can use the pen-like tool to mark wood in any design that you like, creating wonderful pieces of art, DIY signs, or whatever takes your fancy. The craft of wood burning is also known as pyrography.

We looked at the best wood burning tool kits and chose the TRUArt Pyrography Pen Set as our top pick. It has a wide range of tips included and a replacement pen guarantee, stating the manufacturer will replace the pen if it becomes heat damaged.

Our Top Pick
TRUArt Pyrography Pen Set
A quality wood burning tool kit with 35 tips for a range of effects.

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Our Top 5 Wood Burning Tool Kits
Editor's PicksBrandRating
Best OverallCrazy Muscle ThreeAtine4.7
Runner UpOptimum Nutrition Creatine 2500 Caps4.4
Best Budget BuyMET-Rx Creatine 4200 Supplement4.3
Best Creatine Supplement CapsulesEFX Sports Kre-Alkalyn 4.5
Best Creatine Supplement TabletsKreatin(TM)3.9

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Who Should Buy a Wood Burning Tool Kit

  • People who want to take up a new hobby – If you’ve considered taking up a new craft or hobby, why not give pyrography a try? Wood burning tools are relatively inexpensive and wood is easy to come by, making it a low-stakes pastime to try out.
  • Experienced wood burners who want an upgrade – You might already have some wood burning experience and be ready to upgrade to a higher-end tool.
  • Anyone who wants a spare wood burning tool – The extreme heat that wood burning tools are subjected to can cause issues over time. Consequently, some keen wood burning enthusiasts like to always have a spare wood burning tool on standby so their craft projects won’t get stopped in their tracks.

Who Should Not Buy a Wood Burning Tool Kit

  • Those without time for a new hobby – Sometimes it seems tempting to take up a new hobby, but then you end up dropping it or feeling overstretched due to other time commitments. Consider whether you have time for wood burning before you buy yourself a tool kit.
  • People who don’t feel comfortable working with hot tools – It’s possible to burn yourself with a pyrography tool,1 so if that’s something you’d be concerned about, worn burning might not be the hobby for you.

Research Tips

Picking out the right wood burning tool kit is important. The following tips and advice will help you with your buying decision so you make the right choice first time. You can also ask any craft-loving friends or family members whether they have recommendations.

  1. Choose between solid and wire tips – The tips on a wood burner can either be made from solid metal or loops of wire. Many people stick to models with solid tips as they’re cheaper and easier to come by. However, you can get a cleaner, more professional finish with wire tips.
  2. Check how many tips come with your kit – Different tips give different effects when burning wood. For instance, some are great for calligraphy while others shine with fine detail work. Some people find they only need a few types of tips for their work, while others use a wide range.
  3. Look out for variable temperature control – While beginners might not mind having a single temperature setting, it’s nice to have full control over temperature. This allows you to experiment with different effects and to work with a range of woods, some of which prefer low temperatures and others high temperatures.2
  4. Decide whether you need stencils with your kit – Some people like to use stencils for their designs, while others prefer to work exclusively freehand, so consider which camp you fall into.

How Much Do They Cost?

Between $15 and $150

Wood burning tool kits cost between $15 and $150. Basic kits suited to beginners cost around $15-$30, while kits for more advanced users with features such as wire tips and improved durability are priced at roughly $80-$150.

The Best Wood Burning Tool Kits: Full Reviews

Our Top Pick
TRUArt Pyrography Pen Set
A quality wood burning tool kit with 35 tips for a range of effects.

TRUArt Pyrography Pen Set is a great choice both for beginners and those more experienced in the art of wood burning. It has dual power modes, with the higher 30W mode great for most wood burning and the lower 15W mode for leather burning and certain types of wood that prefer a lower temperature.

Alongside the 35 solid tips included, is a stencil featuring letters, numbers and a few symbols as well as a more intricate dragon stencil. It all comes in a durable carry case that’s great for storage or on-the-go use.


  • Comes with a warranty so you’ll get a replacement pen if it suffers heat damage
  • Decent selection of tips included
  • User manual included that’s excellent for beginners


  • Could do with a greater range of temperature settings
  • The nibs occasionally bend during use
Best Budget
Powza Wood Burning Kit
You get a lot for your money with this budget pyrography kit.

The Powza Wood Burning Kit is a great choice for new and intermediate wood burners who want to experiment with a range of tips without spending too much. It comes with 21 tips included that let users try out a range of techniques. This kit also contains 8 stencils and colored pencils to draw freehand designs on wood before burning.

The pen heats up quickly and has variable temperature control (between 392 and 842 degrees Fahrenheit), which makes it a versatile choice for use on a range of wood types and some other materials.


  • Comes with 15 small pieces of wood to practice on
  • Easy to adjust the temperature
  • Carry case included


  • Pen gets hot to hold so heat-proof gloves are advised
  • The attachments are a little fiddly to change
Best Professional
Tekchic Professional Wood Burning Kit
A high-quality pen and tips for users who already know what they’re doing.

With its wire tips, the Tekchic Professional Wood Burning Kit is the perfect choice for intermediate and experienced wood burners who want to get a professional finish on their work. A total of 20 wire tips are included, including ball tips, making it a great kit for anyone who’s ready to upgrade from solid metal tips.

The digital temperature controls and electrics needed to control the pen are in a separate box, rather than the body of the pen. This makes it lighter and more comfortable to use for long periods compared to many other wood burning pens. While it can be used for a range of projects, from simple to elaborate, it’s especially great for people who want to work on detailed pieces.


  • Wire tips give professional results
  • Body of the tool doesn’t heat up too much
  • Lightweight and comfortable for long crafting sessions


  • On the pricier end of the spectrum
  • Doesn’t include any stencils or accessories other than tips
Best for Beginners
Walnut Hollow Creative Woodburner
It isn’t complicated but it performs well, giving new pygrographers a great experience.

Simple and easy to use, the Walnut Hollow Creative Woodburner is a great choice for beginners. It only has one temperature, but it works well on most types of wood, which is great for people new to the hobby because they can focus on their technique rather than fiddling with temperature settings. It maintains a consistent temperature effectively, so users won’t be left with patches that are paler or darker than others.

This tool kit comes with a stand and four tips, along with the pen itself. While it might not have enough tips or features to satisfy experienced users, it’s a solid and inexpensive option to get started with.


  • Maintains temperature consistency
  • Tips are of surprisingly good quality for the low price
  • Stand helps avoid burning surfaces


  • The pens get hot while in use
  • The included stand is somewhat flimsy
Most Versatile
Ivsun Wood Burning Kit
With 59 tips and variable temperature control, this is an exceptionally versatile tool.

While the Ivsun Wood Burning Kit might not be the most high-end option on the market, it’s worth considering if versatility is what you’re after. Not only does it include 59 tips, it also comes with 14 stencils, colored pencils and carbon paper to help you create striking designs.

You can adjust the temperature between 428 and 896 degrees Fahrenheit to get more control over the darkness of your design and help you achieve a range of effects.


  • Practice pieces of wood included
  • Can also be used as a soldering iron
  • Comes with a carry case


  • No guide to the uses of different tips
  • Can be a little difficult to control

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between wood burning and pyrography?

Wood burning refers to burning designs into wood alone, while pyrography can also include burning designs into other materials, such as leather and gourds. While you can use the term “pyrography” to describe wood burning, it also encompasses other burning crafts. 

Is it better to engrave or burn wood?

One option isn’t necessarily better than the other, but burning adds color that can allow crafters to create more detailed designs. Burning also leaves smooth edges while fuzzy edges can be left after engraving wood, depending on the technique used.

How do I start wood burning as a beginner?

The key is to not overthink it and just get started. You can improve your technique along the way. When burning wood, always go with the grain and don’t press hard. You can build up color by adding extra layers rather than pressing down with force.

Should I wear a mask when burning wood?

Yes, it’s always a good idea to wear a mask when engaging in wood burning to protect your lungs. Ideally, use a respirator style mask with a carbon filter.

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