Diamond Painting

Diamond painting kits don’t actually involve diamonds or painting, but rather include tiny plastic rhinestones that you stick to a coded canvas to form a picture. It could be described as painting by numbers but with plastic gems. It’s a fun and low-stakes craft for people of all ages, because it might take a few tries to perfect your technique but it’s not the kind of craft that takes years of practice to get the hang of.

We looked at the best diamond painting kits and chose the BlueDP 5D Diamond Painting Kit as our top pick. It stood out for its soothing waterfall designs, of which you get six in a pack.

Our Top Pick
BlueDP 5D Diamond Painting Kit
This six pack of waterfall-themed full drill designs is perfect for both new and experienced diamond painters.

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Our Top 5 Diamond Painting Kits
Editor's PicksBrandRating
Top PickLittle Giant 22-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder4.6
Runner UpFlip-N-Lite 6-foot Step Ladder with Platform4.8
Best for BudgetLouisville Ladder AS2106 Step Ladder4.3
Best Small Step LadderLittle Giant Ladder Systems 10410BA Safety Step Ladder4.8
Best Heavy Duty Step LadderLouisville Fiberglass Heavy Duty Step Ladder4.5

*Ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5 and based on reviews, feedback, and opinions of actual customers

Who Should Buy a Diamond Painting Kit

  • People who want to try a craft that’s easy to learn – Diamond painting involves sticking plastic gems to a color-coded board so there isn’t much technical skill involved, making it a great entry point to crafts even for those without any previous experience or crafting skills.
  • Fans of sparkly things – Finished pieces of diamond art are gloriously sparkly, so it’s a perfect craft for fans of shiny things.
  • Anyone who wants to craft their own home decor – You can frame and display your finished diamond art, which is perfect for people who want to create their own wall art.

Who Should Not Buy a Diamond Painting Kit

  • Individuals who don’t enjoy repetitive tasks – While many people find diamond painting meditative, if you don’t like crafts that involve repetitive motions, you might not like this one.
  • People who have issues with fine motor skills – Sticking down tiny plastic diamonds is quite fiddly, so people who have issues with fine motor skills will find there are other crafts more accessible for them.1

Research Tips

Selecting a diamond painting kit can seem baffling with all the options available. The following tips will help you find the perfect diamond art kit for you to work on.

  1. Learn the difference between full drill and partial drill – “Drill” is the name sometimes used for the plastic gems used in diamond painting. Full drill pieces feature canvases that you cover completely in diamonds, while partial drill pieces only feature gems over part of the canvas.
  2. Consider how large you’d like your canvas to be – You can find everything from small 6 by 6 inch canvases to extra-large 40 by 30 inch canvases. Of course, it will take significantly longer to complete a large canvas than a small one, so think about how much time and effort you want to put into a piece.
  3. Think about skill level – While diamond painting is relatively straightforward, it’s fiddly and can take beginners and kids a few tries to get the hang of it. Small canvases, partial drill options and kits that feature larger gems are all easier options.

How Much Do They Cost?

Between $5 and $30

Most diamond painting kits cost between $5 and $30. Small, single canvas kits cost less than larger pieces and kits with multiple diamond art canvases to work on.

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Our Top Pick
BlueDP 5D Diamond Painting Kit
This six pack of waterfall-themed full drill designs is perfect for both new and experienced diamond painters.

The BlueDP 5D Diamond Painting Kit contains six canvases to work on, each of which features a different waterfall design. In addition to the coded canvases and drills, you get three diamond brushes, trays to hold diamonds and pens to apply them to the canvas. Each canvas measures 12 by 16 inches, which is big enough to make an impact but not so large that will take an exceptionally long time to complete.

The gems themselves are cut with 28 faces, which makes them super shiny. The finished pieces look great and make excellent wall art.


  • Extra-shiny drills
  • The canvases are of good quality and lie flat
  • Kit contains everything you need to complete the pieces


  • Not as detailed as they look in the photos
  • Some buyers received too few gems
Best Budget
Tiny Fun Sunflower DIY Diamond Art
A reasonably priced diamond painting kit that’s great for flower fans.

An affordable choice, Tiny Fun Sunflower DIY Diamond Art features a rustic bucket of sunflowers with a butterfly coming into land. In addition to the canvas, it includes the drills, applicator pen, adhesive and drill tray.

The size of the picture is just under 14 by 14 inches, though the canvas measures roughly 14.5 by 19.5 inches including the blank edges. This is a full drill design so the picture area of the canvas will be completely covered in diamonds once you’re finished.


  • Canvas is crease-free and lies flat for easy application
  • Attractive sunflower design
  • Drills are tightly packed for a nicely detailed finish


  • Included instructions could be clearer
  • Only one canvas in a pack
Best Full Drill
Yummy Love Sea Turtle Diamond Painting Kit
This full drill kit is impressively sparkly when finished.

The Yummy Love Sea Turtle Diamond Painting Kit is perfect for fans of the underwater world. The design features two sea turtles swimming in a reef full of colorful corals and fish. It’s a gorgeous scene that looks great when completed. Roughly 30-40% more drills than you need are included so that you won’t be left short.

You get two applicator pens, two drill trays and two lots of adhesive, so it’s a great option for anyone who wants to craft with a friend or family member.


  • Calming underwater scene
  • Extra shiny gems
  • Good sized canvas


  • The letter codes on the canvas are slightly hard to read
  • Inconsistent quality of drills
Best Partial Drill
Abeuty Partial Drill Crystal Diamond Art Kit
Whether you’re looking for a quick project or prefer the look of partial drill, this is a great option.

Abeuty Partial Drill Crystal Diamond Art Kit features gems only over part of the canvas, making it perfect for new diamond painters or people who don’t want to commit too many hours to a project. What’s more, some people simply prefer the look of a partial drill piece.

You can choose from one of five designs: butterfly, dragon, owl, tiger, and unicorn. Each features drills of different shapes and sizes, giving the finished pieces a nicely textured effect. Each piece comes with a pen, tray, and glue, plus all the drills you need to finish your project.


  • You get a choice of five designs
  • Great for beginners or those who want a quick project
  • The quality of drills is consistent


  • Each design is sold separately, so it’s pricey to buy all five
  • Some buyers didn’t receive enough drills
Best for Beginners
Cupmod Beginners DIY Diamond Art Craft Set
Great for kids and beginners who want an easy practice run.

Large diamond painting kits can be daunting for those just starting out, but the Cupmod Beginners DIY Diamond Art Craft Set features a set of six canvases each measuring 6 by 6 inches, making them quick and easy to start. The designs feature some small and some large drills, so it isn’t as fiddly as those that only feature small drills.

This set is an excellent option for kids who find larger or more detailed kits difficult, as well as for adult beginners who want a low-stakes piece to learn the ropes.


  • Set includes glue, pen, and tray
  • Six canvases in a pack
  • Quick and easy to complete


  • Designs are kid-orientated so not ideal for adults, except as practice
  • Doesn’t come in a box , therefore not so good for gifting

Frequently Asked Questions

5D diamond painting kits features drills with a greater number of facets, so they’re significantly shinier.

Is diamond painting difficult

All that diamond painting entails is taking little plastic rhinestones and adhering them to a coded canvas, so it’s fairly easy as far as arts and crafts go. If you’re interested in doing more crafting but don’t have the time or inclination to put intensive work into developing new skills, diamond painting is a great option.

What's the difference between a round drill and a square drill?

Round drills are circular in shape, while square drills are square. Both give a similar effect but square drills tessellate so there are fewer small gaps. However, this leaves less room for error, so you must be extremely precise when placing square drills.

Is crystal art the same as diamond painting?

Yes, crystal art is another term used to describe diamond painting. If you see a crystal art set, you can assume that it’s the same thing as a diamond painting kit, just by another name.

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